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How to fix Google AdSense site unreachable issue

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You have a fantastic blog with a lot of great and unique posts and a lot of followers. Now you finally thought of registering your blog or website to monetize it and one of the very first options which come into our mind is Google Adsense. You created a Google AdSense account and then trying to register your site but the very next moment you saw an error “Your site is unreachable” with some more information like make sure you have provided the correct URL and your site is up and running. You are confused now, my site is up and running, I can easily access my site, I have provided correct URL. Then what’s the issue? In this article, I am going to help you fixing this issue with step by step explanation so continue reading till the end.

Open another tab in your browser and write your website URL in “” then hit enter. You should be able to access your site if it’s up and running. Now open another tab and copy the URL showing at google Adsense page, that might be in this format “”, you might get an error like this site cannot be reached. Note here the second URL is without “www” in the beginning. This type of URL calls a naked URL. If you try opening with or without “www” you will be able to open with no error. By default, Google Adsense uses any website URL in a naked format.

Now you know the issue, let’s try to fix it.

If you have purchased your domain from Google follow the below steps to correct the issue. Open Google Domain and then click on the DNS option from the side panel. Go to the Synthetic Records section and make sure to delete the hosting detail.

image for DNS option Google Domain

image for Synthetic records in Google Domain

 Go to the website option in the side panel. Click on the three dots and then disconnect your website.

image for website option in Google Domain

image for disconnect option in Google Domain

Once the website is disconnected, click on build your website option. Then go to the next page to select your website builder, it can be a blogger, e-commerce, etc.

image for build a new website in Google Domain

image for build a new website in Google Domain

While connecting to your website, make sure to check in the “Also Redirect” option. This option will redirect “” to “”. 

image for also redirect option in Google Domain

Once your site has been connected to the domain again. Test it in another tab, with and without the "www" URL. If you are able to access both ways then go back to Adsense again and click on check again.

This will fix your site unreachable issue with Google Adsense. If your domain provider is different then check with them to fix this issue.


  1. i try all the method but still it is showing code unreachable

    1. Please share the screenshot of the error with us at

  2. What about Godaddy... I've purchased my domain from & facing the same issue! Please help me out. I'm using blog.

    1. Try going to Settings in your Blog on Then go to Basic and under publishing settings you will most likely have a redirect. Copy the address and insert that address into your adsense application. Make sure you add www. to it first. I just tried this now and the application for adsense went through without an error. Says it will take 2 weeks for a response. Hopefully it did work. Just thought I'd share with you as I also purchased my domain from Godaddy and I see you got not response.

  3. I can share my settings screenshot with you.

    1. Please share the screenshot of the error with us at We will be happy to assist you.

  4. my site is unreachable by adsense my website url is up and running. and both my site url and adsense url both are running. how can i resolve the problem

  5. Hi
    My error also says site is unreachable.
    I purchased my domain from Godaddy. How do I fix it? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  6. I have adsense on my site for many years, but then move from one account to another (actually i've bought this site from my friend, ) - and after changing code - my site became unreachable.
    And everythign is working.... dont know what the issue atomistry . com

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