Weekly Vocabulary Dose - Part 13

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Here's Weekly Vocabulary Dose Part-13 with word-meanings, examples, synonyms, and antonyms for exams like SSC, IBPS, SBI, LIC, RRB, RBI, etc.

  • Misnomer: the misnaming of a person in a legal instrument

    • Sentence Example: Morning sickness is a misnomer for many women since nausea can occur any time during the day.

    • Synonyms: baptismal name, Christian name, first name, forename, given name

    • Antonyms: accurate name, correct name

  • Ethereal: of or relating to the regions beyond the earth; celestial; heavenly

    • Sentence Example: Her delicate features accentuated her ethereal beauty.

    • Synonyms: bodiless, formless, immaterial, incorporeal, insubstantial, nonmaterial, nonphysical, spiritual, unbodied, unsubstantial

    • Antonyms: bodily, corporeal, material, physical, substantial

  • Brandish: to shake or wave (something, such as a weapon) menacingly

    • Sentence Example: He brandished a weapon and began firing on police as he ran across the street.

    • Synonyms: flourish, wave, display, disport, exhibit, expose, flash, flaunt, layout, parade, produce, show, show off, sport, strut, unveil

    • Antonyms: conceal, cover, curtain, enshroud, hide, obscure, occlude, occult, shroud, veil

  • Hiatus: pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity.

    • Sentence Example: The bombing raids were resumed after a brief hiatus on Friday

    • Synonyms: breach, break, discontinuity, gap, gulf, hole, interstice, interval, opening, rent, rift, separation, void

    • Antonyms: continuation, continuity

  • Tortuous: marked by repeated twists, bends, or turns 

    • Sentence Example: The route is remote and tortuous.

    • Synonyms: bending, crazy, crooked, curled, curling, curved, curving, curvy, devious, serpentine, sinuous, twisted, twisting, winding, windy

    • Antonyms: straight, straightaway

  • Satiate: to satisfy (a need, a desire, etc.) fully or to excess

    • Sentence Example: Her curiosity satiated, she walked away without a backward glance.

    • Synonyms: full, replete, sated, satiated, stuffed, surfeited

    • Antonyms: empty, famished, hungry, starved, starving

  • Miscible: capable of being mixed

    • Sentence Example: Each of the glycols shown above is completely miscible with water.

  • Garniture: embellishment, trimming

    • Sentence Example: This set may have been an English soft-paste porcelain garniture.

    • Synonyms: adornment, beautifier, caparison, decoration, doodad, embellisher, embellishment, frill, garnish, garnishment, ornament, ornamentation, setoff, trim

    • Antonyms: blemish, defacement, disfigurement, scar, blot, spot, stain

  • Smite: to strike sharply or heavily especially with the hand or an implement held in the hand

    • Sentence Example: He smites the water with his sword.

    • Synonyms: bang, bash, bat, belt, biff, bludgeon, bob, bonk, bop, box, bust, clap, clip, clobber, clock, clout, crack, hammer, hit, knock, nail, paste, pound, punch, rap, slam, slap, slog, slug, smack, sock, strike, swat, swipe, tag, thump, thwack, wallop, whack, whale, zap

    • Antonyms: aid, acquit, amuse, repair

  • Plaintive: expressive of suffering or woe,  melancholy

    • Sentence Example: The songbirds had returned, but their calls sounded ever so plaintive and piteous.

    • Synonyms: aching, agonized, anguished, bemoaning, bewailing, bitter, deploring, doleful, dolesome, dolorous, funeral, grieving, heartbroken, lamentable, lugubrious, mournful, plangent, regretful, rueful, sorrowful, sorry, wailing, weeping, woeful

    • Antonyms: delighted, exulting, glorying, happy, joyful, rejoicing, triumphant, bright, cheerful, cheering, cheery, laughing, smiling, blissful, blithe, blithesome, buoyant


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