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Parts of Speech - Verb

A verb is a word which describes the action (by a person or a thing), an occurrence/event, or a state of existence. A verb is the most important word in a sentence. It is called Kriya in Hindi.

Sentence Examples:

  • Shreya is running.

Here the word 'running' is a verb which describes an action.

  • Radhika became a doctor today.

Here, the word 'became' is a verb which describes an occurrence.

  • Vedant is a lawyer.

Here, the word 'is' is a verb which describes a state of existence.

Types of Verb:

  • Action Verb:

An action verb is a word which describes action or possession.

Action verbs are of two types:

    • Transitive Verb: 

A transitive verb is a verb that has a noun, phrase or pronoun used with a direct or indirect object.

Sentence Example: Radhika loves toys.

Here, toys are an object and 'love' is the transition verb used with it. In this example, the love passes from Radhika (subject) to toys (object).

    • Intransitive Verb:

Intransitive Verb is the verb that does not have an object (neither direct nor indirect).

Sentence Example: Lavanya was dancing.

Here, 'dancing' is a verb with no direct or indirect object. The dance stops with Lavanya (subject) and does not pass over to any object.

  • Linking Verb:

As the name suggests, these verbs link the subject of a sentence to its predicate.

Words which may function as a linking verb: is, are, were, be, become, feel, seem, appear, remain, smell, sound

Sentence Example: Riya became a dancer.

Here, 'became' is the verb which links Riya (subject) to its predicate (dancer).

Sentence Example: She seems to be happy.

Here, 'seems' is the linking verb which connects She (subject) to be happy (predicate).

  • Auxiliary Verb/ Helping Verb:

As the name suggests, auxiliary or helping verbs are the words which help the main verb to form a grammatical meaning. The main verb with its helping verb is called a verb phrase.

Words which can function as an auxiliary verb: will, would, shall, should, may, must, could, ought

Sentence Example: Isha is going to India.

Here, 'going' is the main verb and 'is' is the auxiliary or helping verb.

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