Quantitative Aptitude Quiz - Profit and Loss (Part-1)

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Hey Readers! Here's a Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for you from the chapter Profit and Loss which is frequently asked in almost all the competitive exams like IBPS, SSC, RBI, RRB, LIC, SBI, PSUs, or any Private Bank Exams.

Q1. Ram gains 70 paise on Rs. 70. His gain percent is?


Q2. If some paintings bought at prices from Rs.200 to Rs. 300 are sold at prices from Rs. 300 to Rs. 425, what is the maximum profit earned by selling eight paintings?

Rs. 400
Rs. 600
Cannot be determined
None of the Above

Q3. Shyama buys an old car for Rs. 470000 and spends Rs. 80000 on its repairs. If she sells the car for Rs. 580000, her gain percent is?

4 4/7%
5 5/11%

Q4. Radhika purchased 20 of balls at Rs. 375 per dozen. She sold each one at Rs. 33. What is her profit percent?


Q5. Armaan bought a cycle for Rs. 1400 and sold it at a loss of 15%. What was the selling price?

Rs. 1090
Rs. 1160
Rs. 1190
Rs. 1202

Q6. Naveen bought machinery for Rs. 80000 and spent Rs. 500 on its repair and Rs. 1000 on its transportation. He sold it at a profit of 25%. What was the selling price of the machinery?

Rs. 105100
Rs. 106250
Rs. 107500
Rs. 117500

Q7. When a notebook is sold for Rs. 34.80, the loss incurred is 2%. What is the cost price of the notebook?

Rs. 26.10
Rs. 43
Rs. 43.20
Rs. 46.40

Q8. The selling price of a t-shirt is Rs. 616 inclusive of sales tax. the sales tax is levied at 10%. If there is a profit of 12% to the shopkeeper, then what is the cost price of that t-shirt?

Rs. 500
Rs. 515
Rs. 550
Rs. 600

Q9. Ghanshyam bought 20 litres of milk at Rs. 8 per liter. He spends Rs. 10 on churning the milk. He obtained 5 kg cream and 20 litres skimmed milk. If he sells the skimmed milk at Rs. 4 per liter and cream at Rs 30 per kg, then his profit percent is?


Q10. A small cosmetic manufacturing company supplies 2000 face washes at Rs. 25 per piece. According to their statistics even if 5% face washes fail the quality test, they will make a profit of 25%. However, 50% of face washes failed the quality test. What is the loss to the cosmetic company?

Rs. 12000
Rs. 13000
Rs. 14000
Rs. 15000

Q11. When a motor vehicle is sold for Rs. 18700, Sangeeta loses 15%. At price should she sell the vehicle to make a profit of 15%?

Rs. 21000
Rs. 22500
Rs. 25300
Rs. 25800

Q12. Anjum sells a plot for Rs. 630000 and makes a profit of 5%. If he would have sold the plot for Rs. 500000, then what would have been his profit or loss percent?

2 1/4% gain
10 % loss
12 1/2% loss
16 2/3% loss

Q13. If the selling price of a book is 4/3 of its cost price, the profit is?

16 2/3%
20 1/2%
25 1/2%
33 1/3%

Q14. The selling price and the cost price of a laptop are in the ratio of 7:5. What is the ratio of profit and cost price of the laptop?

None of the above

Q15. If the selling price of a commodity is doubled, the profit triples. Find the profit percent.

66 2/3%
105 1/3%

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