Important Years in Ancient History

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Here is the list of important years in the ancient history of India with their significance which is often asked in exams like SSC, Railway Recruitment Board, IB, and other Government Recruitment Exams:

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9000 BC - 7000 BC
Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka
7000 BC - 3300 BC
Mehrgarh Culture
3300 BC - 2600 BC
Indus Valley Civilization
2600 BC - 1300 BC
Mature Harappan Phase
1700 BC
Late Harappan Phase and Early Vedic Period
1500 BC
Coming of Aryans
1000 BC
Iron Age of India
600 BC
The formation of Sixteen Maha Janapadas
599 BC
Birth of Mahavira (founder of Jainism)
563 BC
Birth of Gautam Buddha (founder of Buddhism)
538 BC
Cyrus  Conquered Pakistan
500 BC
Earlier written record in Brahmi
500 BC
End of Vedic Civilization, Panini Standardized grammar of Sanskrit
333 BC
Darius III was defeated by Alexander the Great
326 BC
Battle of Hydraspes
321 BC
Establishment of Maurya Empire by Chandra Gupta Maurya
305 BC
Chandragupta Maurya defeated Seleucus
273 BC
King Ashoka took the throne
266 BC
Ashoka conquered most of South Asia, Afghanistan, and Iran
265 BC
Battle of Kalinga
232 BC
Ashoka died and was Succeeded by Dasarath
230 BC
Satvahana Empire was Established
200 BC - 100 BC
Tholkappiyam standardized Tamil grammar
184 BC
The collapse of the Maurya Empire and Establishment of the Sunga Dynasty
180 BC
Establishment of Indo- Greek Kingdom
80 BC
Establishment of Indo-Scythian Kingdom
10 BC
Establishment of Indo-Parthian Kingdom
58 AD
The beginning of the Vikram Era
68 AD
Establishment of the Kushan Empire
78 AD
Gautamiputra Satkarni took over the Satvahana Empire and defeated Scythian King Vikramaditya
78 AD
The beginning of the Saka Era
240 AD
Establishment of Gupta Empire by Sri Gupta
320 AD
Chandragupta 1 took over the Gupta Empire
335 AD
Samudragupta 1 took over the Gupta Empire
350 AD
Establishment of the Pallava Empire
380 AD
Chandragupta II took over the Gupta Empire
405 AD - 414 AD
Chinese Scholar Fa-Hien visited India
415 AD
The accession of Kumar Gupta
455 AD
The accession of Skand Gupta
606 AD - 647 AD
Harshavardhan's Reign

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